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Chiara Del Vecchio is an Italian artist born in Milan, Itali. Currently, Del Vecchio maintains studios in New York City and Milan. In these private ateliers she produces Neo-Expressionist paintings as well as sculpture. She paints in both oil and acrylic, often incorporating mixed-media, collage and resin.

For over 10 years Del Vecchio has built a body of work, which varies significantly in motif, though consistently explores themes of sexuality, opulence, and vitality in his signature style. In this distinctive hand, Del Vecchio layers fantasy and reality, luring the viewer into her potent, cosmically beautiful world. Known for her signature “Incontri” series, which first gained her critical acclaim, more recent work focuses on themes including her attention to the Invisibiles where sge exposes her deeply poetic imagination by incorporating text and visual cues into many of her works. In this way, her images coax the viewer into her realm where fact and fiction persist simultaneously, fortifying each other’s beauty, depth, and meaning.

Named an “artist to watch,” in 2011 was selected by Vittorio Sgarbi to participate at the 54 Venice Biennale of International Art.
Another illustrious milestones for Del Vecchio was preparing a poignant, commemorative painting for the Holy Father, commissioned and donated by the State of San Marino and produced in a limited edition of a postage stamp.

She currently lives and works in new York and Milan.




Numbers in a computer – that’s all we are. We all have them. Social security, driver’s license, passport, bank account, credit card, vat number. They reduce us to a singular form.

I don’t deny their necessity, but boarding this flight and needing to check my bag, I was no more than Seat 28E to the airline. Ticket them, pack them in, and get this plane in the air! It makes me think about migration. About the refugees, people without these “numbers” that ultimately become statistics.

Chiara reminds us in the most rote moments, we still have color, we have those stamps in our passports, the experiences of being alive that a computer will never be able to capture.
Even if the barcode or numbers stand at the center of the painting, they are surrounded by so much more.
People. Emotions. Impossible to replicate. One of a kind.




Everything is momentary and impermanent.

All but you—you, are infinite and eternal. Not you, the person. You, the presence.

All things dance in and out of existence, all things come and go. All but you. You, consciousness, forever remain.

The consciousness that is perceiving these very words is the only “thing” in the entirety of the cosmos that is unchanging. It is ever-present, with or without the manifestations that self-perceive it, that are self-aware. Consciousness is the empty space that all matter and forms seems to appear within.

But, consciousness is not a “thing”. It’s no-thing. It’s nothing. It is this empty and spacious formlessness that permits all forms to appear and become known. All things exist because of you, the consciousness that is here and now. Without you, consciousness, nothing could be known and nothing could be. As such, it can be realized that knowing and being are one—a unified and indivisible, harmonious whole.

Your knowingness is your beingness, and your beingness is your knowingness. This non-dual essence of knowing and being is the totality of your aware presence. In fact, it is the ineffable suchness of all sentience. It is life; it is existence itself. It is your Self. Anything other than this, you are not.

Awareness is the one true Self of all that is. It is the essence of the entire universe, it permeates all apparent things, and You are That. No longer identify with any of the impermanent things, forms and appearances that you are not. All things come and go, but you remain. Stay focussed on the conscious presence that you are, merging your awareness into the knowing and being that is here and now. Know yourself as this unbound presence that you are, the conscious observer to all that Is.

You are the intimacy and immediacy of this present-moment knowingness, and this is the richness, totality and fullness of your experience of being.




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