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Roberto Dutesco is an internationally acclaimed artist, photographer, filmmaker, poet and explorer. His work spans over 35 years and over 75 countries. Works from his 25-year journey to capture the beauty and undisturbed freedom of the Wild Horses of Sable Island® have been shown in exhibitions in the United States, Japan, France, Switzerland, Singapore , Korea, Canada and Brazil.

These works are currently on view at the the Wild Horses of Sable Island Gallery®. Established in 2006, it is one of the longest running single themed shows in New York City, and was chosen as one of fifty must-visit places in New York City by Art Architecture Design.

Driven by the belief that art and beauty transforms how people think about conservation, Roberto’s efforts, his work, talks and charitable activities along with the Chasing Wild Horses documentary were instrumental in driving international awareness of Sable Island and securing official protection for its wild horses.





1961       June 6. Born Bucharest, Romania.
1967       Takes first photograph at age 6 (portrait of his family).
1974–76 Attends National School of Arts in Bucharest where he studies painting, sculpture and drawing.
1980       Moves from Romania to Ottawa, Canada.
1981        Moves from Ottawa to Montreal, Canada.
1982       Buys first Nikon camera and begins to photograph elements of nature, flowers, trees, rocks and streams.
1982       Sells his first photograph of a flower for $5.00.
1984–86 Attends The Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal.
1987       Opens photo studio in Montreal.
1990       Photographs Mikhail Gorbachev and Pierre Trudeau.
1987–92 Becomes sought-after fashion photographer filling the pages of Elle, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Flare and many more.
1992       Opens large photo studio in Midtown Manhattan and continues to work in fashion and art photography.
1992       October. Breakout campaign for “Request Jeans” brings Dutesco to the forefront of the fashion industry.
1994       An indelible vision leads Dutesco to Sable Island, where his photographic odyssey begins.
1994–97 Dutesco works intensely in New York City, producing artistic and abstract images, experimenting with new production techniques and presentation methods. Much of his time is now dedicated to the Wild Horses of Sable Island.
1997       Dutesco returns to Sable Island for a second time and becomes completely immersed in this subject.
1998       Travels to over forty countries on a photographic “vision quest” capturing and collecting thousands of images from around the globe.
2000       Completes the 16-mm black-and-white short film Sable Horses, which later inspires a feature documentary for Bravo.
2001       Completes the film Times Squared, a photo diary of his travels to over fifty countries.
2002       Exhibits a one-man show entitled Sable Horses, Sand Dunes and Rocks & Things at the National Arts Club.
2002       Sony displays The Wild Horses of Sable Island along Madison Avenue at their headquarters in New York and in Chicago.
2003       The United Nations exhibits Dutesco’s photographs of Wild Horses in a show entitled A World Without Borders.
2004       Dutesco stages an outdoor exhibition in downtown Montreal showcasing over three hundred photographs in Here Is Now and Water World. This public exhibition consumes four city blocks.
2005       Dutesco returns to Romania and on July 6th continuously photographs The Endless Column by Brîncusi for twenty-four hours.
2005       World Expo in Japan: Dutesco displays eight-by-twelve-foot, multi-paneled murals of The Sable Horses at the United States Pavilion.
2005       Dutesco meets curator Peter Tunney. Together they plan an exhibition of The Wild Horses of Sable Island in SoHo, New York City.
2006       Spring. Dutesco exhibits Homage to Brîncusi, featuring over 250 photographs of The Endless Column, taken the previous year in Romania.
2006       Summer. Preparation and construction begins at 13 Crosby Street, SoHo, New York City, for a one-man show, The Wild Horses of Sable Island.
2006       The Wild Horses of Sable Island opens to a mesmerized crowd of over three thousand people at 13 Crosby Street. The exhibition features over 125 large-scale photographs.
2007       Surfing Sable Island, a show in collaboration with Scott MacDonough, features thirteen unique surfboards that are produced and exhibited at 13 Crosby Street using Dutesco’s photographs of the Wild Horses. A book of the sam e title is also produced.
2007       Dutesco creates a photographic installation for the Fifth Avenue windows of Lord & Taylor.
2007       Dutesco, Tunney and Arcadia crew arrive on Sable Island and begin principle photography for a feature documentary entitled Chasing Wild Horses, to be aired on Bravo.
2007       Dutesco makes three successive trips to Sable Island with his film crew and completes filming for Chasing Wild Horses.
2008       The National Arts Club, New York City, screens the premiere of the documentary Chasing Wild Horses in the United States.
2008       The Wild Horses of Sable Island photographs are shown on Madison Avenue in the windows of The Ralph Lauren Mansion and featured in the design section of the famed store.
2008       The Riverhouse, New York City. Manhattan’s first green, model residence, designed by Thom Felicia, showcases works by Roberto Dutesco.
2008       Summer. The Wild Horses of Sable Island is shown in the Ralph Lauren windows in East Hampton, New York.
2008       Summer. LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, New York. Mega-size photographs of Dutesco’s Wild Horses, up to forty feet in length, are installed outdoors in the gardens along with sculptures by Sol LeWitt, Willem de Kooning and Buckminster Fuller.
2009       Ethereal Reflections installation: selected poems and flower photoworks for the windows of Lord & Taylor, Fifth Avenue, New York City. A book of the same title is also produced.
2009       Autumn. Sable Island Mobile Project begins (
2009       Performance by Jennifer Muller’s New York dance company, The Works, inspired by The Wild Horses of Sable Island.
2010       The Wild Horses of Sable Island Gallery featured in Art Architecture Design Guide, teNeues.
2010       We Are Beauty, Amsterdam Project. Collaboration with Ivan Tse.
2010       Autumn. Returns to Sable Island. Films extended interview with Zoe Lucas.
2011       Spring. Opening, Past to Present, an exhibition of photographs from Dutesco’s most recent trip to Sable Island.
2011       Autumn. Opening of The Embassy of Canada’s Gallery exhibit, Wild Horses of Sable Island, featuring oversize and extensively annotated photoworks, Washington, DC.
2011–12 Completion of Alphabetical Mayhem, twenty-six word-works.
2012       June. Publication of limited-edition book, The Wild Horses of Sable Island.
2012–13 The Wild Horses of Sable Island installation: photography exhibition for the Jiva Hill, Crozet, France.
2013       The Wild Horses of Sable Island installation: photography exhibition for the American Gold Cup, North Salem, New York.
2013       The Wild Horses of Sable Island installation: photography exhibition for the Equita’ Lyon, Lyon, France.
2013       The Wild Horses of Sable Island installation: photography exhibition for the Melbourne Cup, Melbourne, Australia.
2013       Dutesco travels to Sable Island for his eighth photographic and film documentation.
2014       The Wild Horses of Sable Island installation: photography exhibition for the AAFHK, Hong Kong, China.
2014       June. Publication of The Wild Horses of Sable Island by teNeues.
2015       The Wild Horses of Sable Island opens its first museum show at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, Halifax, Canada.
2015       The Wild Horses of Sable Island opens at Museum at Prairiefire, Overland Park, Kansas.
2015       The Wild Horses of Sable Island opening at Anna Fore Gallery in Aspen
2016       2nd print edition of The Wild Horses of Sable Island by teNeuese.
2016       Art Bussan Korea – Universality in collaboration with Dayspring Art Group.
2016       Universality video presentation
2016       The Wild Horses of Sable Island photography show at the Museum at Prairiefire, Overland Park, Kansas becomes part of their permanent collection
2016       Hosting the Romanian Cultural Institute and celebrating140 years of Brincusi
2016       Hosting Princes Marina Sturdza and The Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos to celebrate the sculpture, Wisdom of the Earth by Brincusi
2016       Dayspring Art Group gallery opening in Seoul presenting Universality by Dutesco
2016 platform development
2016       Malibu City Council, Art Council and LA County, invites IAMWILD to open on Zuma beach in October 2017
2016       First workshop series and show– How to Crack an Egg – Surf Lodge, Montauk
2016       DutescoArt photography philanthropic donations reach over 1 million dollars
2016       Chasing Wild Horses – has been seen by over 30 million viewers worldwide
2016       Art Busan Korea International Art Fair collaboration with Dayspring Art Group
2016       Universality video – photographic concepts of love and other things
2016       Toronto FCP gallery show- collaboration with the Judith and Charles brand
2016       10th year gallery anniversary – The Wild Horses of Sable Island
2016       10th year anniversary, Ten “Prints of prints “ series launch
2016       WHSI gallery -The 2016 Alex Fund Benefit Screening of Palme D’Or Award-winning director Cristian Mungiu’s GRADUATION (“Bacalaureat”).
2016       In 2016 Mr. Dutesco hosted The Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș, Princess Marina Sturdza and Ambassador George Maior, to celebrate the Wisdom of the Earth sculpture by Constantin Brâncuși at The Wild Horses of Sable Island gallery in NYC
2017       Singapore Contemporary Art Fair, a collaboration with Dayspring Art 2nd and 3rd workshop series – How to Crack an Egg- through photography
2017       4th- print edition of The Wild Horses of Sable Island by teNeues.
2017       IAMWILD – a global platform for transforming conservation launch
2017       I AM WILD Museum presentation to Dubai 2020 World Fair
2017       Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations and the Permanent Mission of OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie) to the United Nations, a cultural diplomacy event celebrating the Francophonie presenting BRINCUSII by DUTESCO
2017      The WHSI gallery and Mr. Dutesco hosting, EQUUS FILM FESTIVAL
2017       The Perfect World Foundation Gala– Sweden
2017       Artrageous Foundation Gala- NYC
2018       The Wild Horses of Sable Island Gallery (WHSI)-and DutescoArt presents Mr. Dutesco’s art at SCOPE ART FAIR –New York City
2018       The WHSI Gallery and Mr. Dutesco, hosting -Return to Freedom – Wild Horses in America – conversations with actor Ed Harris
2018       The WHSI Gallery and Mr. Dutesco hosting first photography auction: International Animal Rescue – Orangutans
2018       EARTHx Dallas TX – a collaboration with Museum at Prerifire, Kansas City, IAMWILD and The Wild Horses of Sable Island Gallery



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