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We offer a consignment service where you keep the art in your possession and we will list it on our website for no charge.

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Wondering how much your fine art or heirlooms might yield? Consigning your work is one way to guarantee the best price available, although there are a few things you should know before you start.

You almost always make more money through consignments than by selling outright.
When you sell a work outright, say to a dealer, you would usually net about 50% retail. On consignment, you can net 65% or more.
A thoughtful and legally binding consignment contract protects you, from clarifying commission details and selling timeline to reassurances around storage and insurance.

If your piece fails to sell, you make nothing and might be invoiced for shipping or other costs incurred by the dealer, gallery, or auction house.
If you’re consigning to a gallery or dealer, they don’t have their own resources invested in it, so they might be less motivated to sell your piece quickly.
If there is not a strong market for the work (the artist, genre, or style), then the likelihood that it would not sell becomes stronger. You should know the market before you consign a piece.

If you believe your work has notable value, consigning through an art gallery has added advantages.
Expert specialists will research, create catalog descriptions, and help with marketing the work.
Complimentary estimates are provided for each item that meets a minimum consignment value. For example, Ruler Art Gallery’s minimums are $5,000 in New York, £3,000 in London and HK$40,000 in Hong Kong.

You can get an estimate for your piece writing to where you share background information (dimensions, provenance, documentation) and images (including front and back, signatures or maker marks, and any damaged areas) that will be reviewed by specialists. It’s worth keeping in mind that estimates are subject to change based on the specialist’s first-hand inspection. And if your property is not something that an auction house would sell on consignment, they will recommend an alternative selling venue.

Please have a look the artworks available below.

Jonathan McCree

Secondary Market, New York

Small Easy Love, 2018
Night Painting Collection
64″ x 44.5″   |   163 x 113 cm
Oil, acrylic and spray on collaged paper

24,000.00 USD

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Secondary Market, New York

17″ x 11,5″ | 43 x 29 cm
Mixed Media

70,000.00 USD

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Secondary Market, New York

Phisichrome 1492, 2008
1 / 3 exemplares
20″ x 20″   |   50 x 50 cm
Mixed Media

Call for price

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Alec Monopoly

Secondary Market, New York

Untitled, 2010
Acrylic and spray on canvas

35,000.00 USD

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Callen Schaub

Secondary Market, New York

Beach Dance, 2018 (done live at Art Basel 2018)
Acrylic and spray on canvas

48″ x 48″

5,000.00 USD

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