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Ruler brings artwork from today’s most talented artists into private clients, businesses and real estate nationwide. We work with painters, photographers, illustrators, sculptors, and installation artists to provide our clients with collections of artwork that are engaging and personal.



Grow Your Audience

Your work will be shared with our diverse, national and international network of clients looking to discover new art for their private houses, business or commercial properties.


Transparency & Reporting

With our Artist Platform, tracking your progress is simple. Login to your account at any time to check on your profile activity, view your earning statements, and more. Everything at the click of a button. Transparency and simplicity is what we prefer the most.


Three Ways To Earn

With Ruler’s dynamic service options, you can earn revenue up to 3 different ways:

  • Sales: earn a commission from selling your work with Ruler.
  • Leasing: earn a percentage of the artwork’s retail price for every month a piece is leased.
  • Commissions: earn revenue thanks to specific and commissioned client projects.

Choose the solution that suits you best, how you make your work available to show with us is up to you.


Your Artist Team

The Ruler Artist Team is ready to help with anything you may need, so never hesitate to be in touch. We’re artists ourselves, we do understand how challenging this world could be and we’re dedicated to your happiness and success. Thanks to a variety of backgrounds, Ruler Team will help you in any step of the way, from marketing to exhibition.


You Create, We Do The Work

Using the inventory information you’ve provided through your Artist Platform, our Art Advisor team finds the right spaces for your work. We’ll take care of all of the details in marketing, sales, and logistics to free up your time to focus in the studio. Finally you will just need to produce, we will take care of the rest.


Grow your visibility

With a a calendar full of exciting exhibitions and thanks to the participation to art fairs, the gallery’s main focus is on generating mass engagement with the most exciting, talented and culturally-relevant artists of our time. Grow your visibility and your networking participating to our events.



To get started, first select the Ruler program right for your work.

  • become an
  • As an Affiliate Artist, your work will be shown exclusively in Ruler’s original and commission service options. This program is designed for artists who are unable to participate in Ruler’s limited edition artwork or print programs, or would like to only be considered for original artwork projects.

    • – List your available inventory in Ruler’s internal, original artwork catalog for original & commission lease and purchase projects.
    • – The internal catalog is accessed only by Ruler’s Art Advisors to browse and include artworks in client proposals.
  • Become a
  • As a full Partner Artist, you are eligible to show your work and earn revenue with Ruler through all of our service options: original & commission sales, original & commission lease, print sales, and print lease.

    List and Publish your work to Ruler’s online public catalog. We use this catalog to create rotating print programs (our most popular service) and facilitate purchases for our business clients. Artworks listed in this catalog are made available as:

    • – Limited edition prints in various sizes as and treatments. These prints are shipped directly from Ruler to our clients. You don’t have to lift a finger.
    • – Original Artworks available for sale and lease as applicable.

Through the Artist Dashboard, you can view past & scheduled earnings, view details of your pieces on lease, and make updates to listings and past projects so our Art Advisors can keep on sharing your work with clients. Track your earnings every step of the way as clients fall in love with and select to install your work.

On your Dashboard, you can add more work to the site any time, and keep on growing!



Who selects the work that goes up on the site?

Ruler is not a open platform. We want to maintain the highest standard. Ruler Art Advisory team carefully selected the best and innovative international artists on the market.

Ruler curator welcomes unsolicited artist submissions. The curators review artist submissions six times annually. There is no deadline, but incomplete applications will not be reviewed. For more information please go here.

What do you need from me?

It’s easy. You can go here to submit an application. Within a couple of days, we’ll get back to you with instructions on how to submit the content we need to get you up on the site. Most importantly, at least 2 high resolution images of you for the biography, some high resolution pictures of your artworks. Biography, critics and a selection of the most important exhibition you have done. A quote that represent what you want to communicate with your work.

The site is geared toward recent activity and portfolios with newly published pieces pop to the top of the homepage. We publish pieces daily to keep the view fresh for new and returning customers but make sure that artists portfolios stay in the top ten view for at least 24 hours.

How do I update my profile?

The more up to date your profile, the better we can do at selling your work. Whenever you have news to share (a new exhibition to list, a recently completed project that’s just sold, a new piece you have in your studio that’s finished and ready to sell) please send us an email with all the information. We will update your profile for you. Typically, it is a good idea to check in and update your Ruler account every month.

How do Artists get compensated for use of their work?

We want to be sure that artists are fairly compensated every time someone has a chance to experience their work. If an original artwork is sold the artist gets 70% of the revenue, for limited edition artwork is sold the artist receives 50% of the revenue. For rentals and leasing, Ruler accrue royalties on artist’s account for all the pieces out on rotation.

How does leasing work?

If a client is interested in leasing your work, we will be in touch to confirm pricing and availability. Once this information is confirmed, we’ll work with you to coordinate logistics. Depending on what is necessary for the contract, Ruler will the care of every aspect, from the picking up/shipping/delivery to the installation site. At the end of the contracted lease period, Ruler will take care of deinstall and be in touch again to find out where you’d like us to return your piece.

Sometimes at the end of these lease periods, clients have fallen in love with the work, can’t bear the idea of parting with it, and ask if they can purchase the piece. In this case, we will be in touch to ask if you’re interested in selling the installed piece or if it’s otherwise spoken for and needs to be returned.

Howt commission requests are handled?

It depends on the project. Each commission is handled on a case by case basis. The production time will be negotiated, agreed upon, and included in the commission agreement at the beginning of the project process.

How does Artist Royalties are calculated?

Artist royalties are calculated by looking at the amount of money Ruler took in from rentals and leasing in a given month, and then dividing that amount by the number of artworks that were installed in client spaces. We then distribute 10% of the rental and leasing revenue to artists according to how many of their pieces were out, and for how long.

How do RulerCredits affect the Artists cut of original and limited edition sales?

In the case of original artwork, customers can use RulerCredits to subsidize their purchase, but only up to 40%. That comes out of TurningArt’s cut, so the artist’s 60% commission is never affected. In the case of limited edition sales artists always receive 50% from the sale, however the distribution of that 50% will be affected by the amount of royalties already paid out to the artists whose work was rented prior to the artwork purchase.

That’s why the amount of money the artists makes from a sale depends on how many RulerCredits the customer uses to buy the artwork. If no RulerCredits are used the artist makes 60% or 50% depending on the type of artwork, if RulerCredits are used to purchase the piece the artist will make up to 40%, depending on the amount of royalties set aside for artists whose work was rented while the customer was accruing RulerCredits. The artists will never receive less than 30% of the proceeds from a sale. For more information on this and the Artist Dashboard please go here.

How and when are artists paid?

Artists will be paid via bank transfer on the 15th of every month. We distribute your earnings as soon as you’ve accrued $100 or more.

Who sets pricing for art pieces?

The artist is responsible for pricing his or her own work. Artist should keep in mind that Ruler takes a 30% commission from the sale of an original and 40% on limited edition sales. Ruler doesn’t ask for exclusivity on the pieces shown on Ruler, but we do require that the prices listed on our website and the prices listed elsewhere be the same.

Who maintains copyright of the work while it’s on Ruler Art?

The artist always maintains copyright of the work they create. We ask for permission to use their images on our website, in press and marketing materials. The images will always be credited to the artist.

The visible images on Ruler website, newsletter, online communications or on any other online sources have been sized down to thumbnail proportions in order to prevent a fraudulent use. High high resolution images are stored in a file storage location which is only accessible to member of the Ruler staff.

Can I show my work in gallery shows or on my own website while it’s on Ruler?

Sure, if the gallery is cool with that. We just ask a few things in this case. We ask that you let us know as soon as you sell one of the pieces you have listed with so that we don’t keep trying to sell a piece that’s no longer available. We’ll also want to know if you’d like to continue rotating limited edition of that piece or if you’d like it removed from the site entirely. Lastly, we kindly request you keep the price listed on Ruler consistent with the price of the piece through other venues.

Where do you operate?

We are located in New York City but our services are offered globally.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are private collectors, art dealers, art investors, corporations, hospitality groups and real estate developers.

Artworks are insured?

Yes, Ruler insures all of the artwork that we install. Insurance coverage is arranged by us and the cost is added to the clients expenses.

Who pays for shipping?

Shipping will be covered by the customer and negotiated during the sales process. If you have very large, or heavy work, of if you’re particular about how it’s packed and shipped, we strongly recommend that you factor the cost of shipping into the prices you have listed on Ruler.

My question isn’t answered here. Where can I send my question?

If your question isn’t answered above, you can contact us here.


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