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There’s a big difference between buying art and collecting art. Buying art is more of a random activity based on likes, preferences or attractions at any given moment, while collecting art is more of a purposeful directed longterm commitment. In both cases, you buy what you like, but if your goal is to collect art and do it right, you have to master two additional skills. The first is being able to effectively research, evaluate and decide whether or not to buy whatever works of art attract you. The second is being able to choose each individual work in such a way as to form a meaningful grouping aka a collection.

Whatever artworks you are looking to purchase, your Ruler Art curator will select works tailored to your needs, space, and style. Depending on your request, your curator will suggest a carefully chosen selection of around 20 works for you to browse through online. This time-saving service is provided to both individuals and trade professionals free of charge.

If you would prefer to browse our curators’ collections by style and price please click here for a wide selection of curated works or browse through our artists.



We’re pros at providing art placement services to architects, interior designers, corporations, and private individuals. You can buy pieces or take advantage of a variety of art placement programs, including changing exhibitions and art leasing options.

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“For us, art is more than a final touch. It is an intrinsic part of a home, something that represents an owner and elevates a design. Get in touch with a RULER residential art consultant out of our locations in New York and Milan to get started today”

A place to entertain or a place to relax; somewhere to enjoy family time or time alone; a contemporary city apartment or a classic country house. Every home is different, and the residential art displayed is a reflection of an individual aesthetic and a personal pride.

Our residential art consultants are always looking for new ideas, whether it is a striking modern art for interior design in an unusual space, or a site-specific sculpture commissioned specially for a room. With consultants and connections across the world, we have a huge variety of residential art styles and media to choose from, allowing us to source pieces for even the most challenging and complex designs. Striking contemporary sculpture, or well-known paintings; a piece for a home art collection or a piece to make a statement.

Our process begins with a consultation. Your art consultant will want to know as much as possible about your project: the style, the color scheme, the layout, how inhabitants move in the space, where they linger and where they look. This allows us to use our network of artists to its full potential, identifying people and pieces for your home art collection that perfectly fit the ethos of a residential space.

We also work with individuals to consult on personal residential art collections. We are uniquely placed to offer a client access to some of the most exciting modern and contemporary artists, from icons of Pop Art, to emerging interactive artists and our in-house creative team with capability to create site-specific work to perfectly fit your aesthetic vision.


“Whether it is a focal point in a lobby, or a smaller piece to augment a meeting room or office; a globally recognized name or a local artist; a piece of art history or a statement of art future, our dedicated corporate art consultants draw on personal connections with over fifty artists. If a space demands something different, our in-house studio is on hand to craft a custom piece”

A company identity is about more than its mission statement. From the people to the office, every aspect tells a story about the core values of a brand, and corporate art collections share an especially significant part of that story.

At Ruler, we value creativity, integrity, curiosity and the ability to evolve. We understand the challenges of the corporate environment. Our process takes into account the need for team consensus, and the importance of art for both employees and clients. We work together with our corporate clients, exploring a company’s identity and messaging, looking at existing design and considering artwork from both an aesthetic and a functional perspective which has resulted in our team curating outstanding corporate art collections nationwide. And we understand that no two businesses are the same.

From eye-catching statement pieces, to classic sculpture or painting, you will work with a corporate art consultant that ensures each piece is carefully chosen from our network of international modern and contemporary artists to reflect a particular identity and support an individual corporate aesthetic. We curate corporate art collections that include site-specific 2D and 3D, and interactive works to delight and inspire an observer.


“A respite after a busy day of business, a talking point in the lobby, a last glimpse before falling asleep: whether it is a sculpture collection running through the gardens, a collection of paintings that defines the style of a particular floor, or a special one-off, bespoke art work that adds gravitas to a statement suite, we use our connections to some of the greatest modern and contemporary artists to source art for hotels that is more than just an art collection; they are a conversation, a detail that makes a hotel feel like a second home”

Service, style, atmosphere – they all come together to create a memorable guest experience. RULER hospitality art consultants work with an individual hotel or resort to define what this experience is, how it is communicated and how we can source art for hotels that enhances and complements it.

Our philosophy is about creative ideas and solutions for hotel art that inspire a guest, that reflect a hotel’s ethos and make it both stand out, and feel like home.

Our process begins with a consultation. Your art consultant will want to know as much as possible about your project: the style, the color scheme, the layout, how inhabitants move in the space, where they linger and where they look. This allows us to use our network of artists to its full potential, identifying people and pieces for your home art collection that perfectly fit the ethos of a residential space.


“From how much sunlight should enter a building, to the most efficient path for a CLIENT to travel between departments: the building AND THE ARTWORK become BOTH part of the EXPERIENCE”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, 60% of patients reported that a healthcare facility’s art collection reduced their stress levels. A study from the University of London found that viewing a beautiful painting increases a person’s level of joy by 10%. Put simply, art is an integral part of the quality experience for many healthcare clients. Selecting art for your healthcare facility, gym and spa center to let your members to feel at home.


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RULER provides the “RULER Membership Program” offering both individual and corporate membership, an Annual Passport, plus other special benefits designed to help you get the most enjoyment out of, and support contemporary art.


KANDINSKY Membership is not only about being able to enjoy the museum as often as you like. It is about building friendships and getting to meet people who share your love of contemporary art. It is about supporting the activities of artists and becoming an active member in the local art world. That’s why BASQUIAT membership entitles you not only to unlimited entrance to the gallery, but also to the chance to participate in a wide variety of exclusive events.

Our goal is to gain exposure and increase the value of every piece of art.


We feature a host of benefits and programs through the collaboration of RULER art gallery with other art galleries in New York and around the world, which in turn provide enjoyable events and artistic and cultural activities.

In addition to KANDISNKY Membership benefits, BASQUIAT members can have access to RULER art advisors service and the leasing options. Don’t loose the chance to built an unique collection and bring a piece of art at home with a small investment.


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